String Ensembles
Audition Requirements

22-23 Season: Students will sign up for a scheduled audition time on September 10 & 11. 

 Below you may find the requirements for each instrument as well as the parts to prepare.

Young Mozarts Orchestra

G, D and C Major Scales 1 or 2 Octaves

Any Prepared solo piece from Suzuki or Method Book

Sight Reading

String Orchestra

Violin, Viola, Cello: 2 Octaves scales and arpeggio (Choose 1)
A Major, G Major, C Major, Bb Major, and one octave F Major
If auditioning for 1st Violin: D Major Scale and arpeggio

Bass: 1 Octave scales and arpeggio
A Major, G Major, C Major, D Major, Bb Major, and F Major

1st Violin: 1 Piece from the Suzuki Book 3 or equivalent and D Major Scale and arpeggio

2nd Violin: 1 Piece from middle of Suzuki 2 or equivalent

Viola, Cello, Bass: 1 Piece from middle of Suzuki book 2 to book 3


  • If any current String student from the 2nd violin section would like to audition for the 1st violin section, these are also the requirements for these students.
  • Seating auditions for the whole orchestra will be on the second rehearsal during the 2022-2023 Fall Season.

Concert Orchestra

Violin: 2 Oct A Major Scale + Arpeggio, 3 Oct G- Major + Arpeggio

Viola, Cello: 2 Oct D Major Scale + Arpeggio, 3 Oct C Major + Arpeggio

Bass: 2 Oct D Major (Open D to Open E) + Arpeggio, 2 Oct G Major Scale + Arpeggio

A short solo piece demonstrating mastery of instrument such as a piece at or above the Suzuki Book 4/5 level.
Students should be prepared to Sight-Read.

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